Patriot Party

Restoring Moral, Ethical & Constitutional Principles ~ Representing American Patriots in Idaho


We are a registered Political Action Committee in Idaho

We will be launching a signature campaign in Spring to get Idaho ballot access.


Take Part in Something Great



Restoring Constitutional

Conservative Leadership

In Idaho

We are building a new Party in Idaho state. The Patriot Party of Idaho.

Our goal is to restore Constitutional Conservative Leadership in Idaho by raising up Politicians who will represent the people of Idaho with renew Morals, Ethics and core Constitutional Principles. This is a  movement for conservatives that have been left in the cold by the establishment GOP. The unfortunate truth is this. We have to organize. The establishment GOP is rigging the game against us. For far too long, the establishment GOP has been playing games. They hand select the elite and push out any conservative outsiders. This is why the party has moved so far to the left. RINOs like McCain, Romney, Flake and Mcsally are not there to push a conservative agenda. They are there to protect the establishment cabal. This is why we had to form The Gorilla Party. It will give us a vehicle to serve the underserved conservative voices. If we have our own movement we can independently raise funds, campaign, develop policy, become activists and together with many voices we will finally be heard. That silent majority you keep hearing about ... thats you, thats us.